Tips for maximizing hair growth potential to its full and growing hair naturally at home

How to grow hair naturally at home?

Hair growth is largely determined by heredity and genetics and therefore can not be changed or speeded up. Hair growth can however be enhanced by proper hair care that promotes and stimulates hair growth and minimizes hair loss. This will help to improve the quality of your hair and the volume as well.

Your hair growth can be maximized to its full potential if your scalp is healthy and free of any chemical residues and bacteria. In addition to a healthy scalp it is important that your environment is clean and stable, your diet is healthy and you are free of stress. All of these factors are important to ensure healthy tissue and blood vessels, which in turn ensure better hair growth. Here are some hair care tips to grow your hair naturally at home.
•    Although it is important that you keep your hair and scalp clean, do not go overboard with the washing and particularly with shampooing and conditioning. Limit your use of shampoos and conditioners to a weekly or bi weekly affair.
•    Avoid using harsh cosmetic products on your hair like hair sprays and gels. Try to use natural products even when considering shampoos and conditioners. It is also important that you use products meant specifically for your hair type.
•    Never wash your hair with hard water.
•    Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet.
•    Do not use a hair dryer as this can result in severe damage to your hair.
•    Instead of rubbing your hair dry with a towel squeeze it dry.
•    If you suffer from a dry hair condition then never comb it when excessively dry.
•    Massage your scalp and comb your hair regularly. This will not only improve blood circulation and promote oil secretion in the scalp, but will also minimize the formation of knots.
•    If you do have knots and split ends consider trimming your hair.
•    Drink a lot of water and eat a well balanced diet to ensure that your hair and scalp receive their nutritional requirements.
•    When travelling in particular, try to wear your hair in hairstyles that offer the best possible protection against breakage.

In addition to the above mentioned hair care practices here are some natural remedies that you can follow.

Coconut oil is one of the best natural remedies for your hair. It meets almost all your hair needs, providing it with nourishment, healing the structure of hair that is damaged and protecting it from ultraviolet radiation. Apply some oil to your hair and scalp and massage it in gently. Do this as regularly as possible.

Lavender oil also has healing properties and several health benefits for your hair. It is particularly useful against hair loss.
Aromatherapy and steam treatment are also very effective and can significantly improve your hair growth cycle.

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